About Tribe Yxja
Tomaker tribe Yxja is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It is the oldest tribe and has been living for thousands of years. Yxjas are very talented and hard-working creatures. Their coloring matches well their environment they are living in.

Yxja KybionYxja tribe lives in the northern part of the Tomaker World. The tribe is well adapted in cold environment and manages outstandingly in frosty weather. Summer up in north lasts only six weeks, and during that time the temperature out there may raise all the way up to ten degrees for a couple of days.

Ways of living
Fishing is the main way of living for tribe Yxja, which they do almost around the year as well as Ysija tribe does. When the weather is too rough or there's a heavy snowstorm the tribe uses their food supply, like dried fish. The principal nutriment of the tribe is fish, clams, shrimps, and seaweed. In the summer season berries and herbs from the meager fields will be added to their nutrition.

Tribe members
Yxja NolonLike all Tomakers, Yxjas are born from a Nolon egg as well. Apart from other tribes an Yxja member grows up one year after another like human beings do. This may be due to hard climate conditions they are living under. One has guessed that continuous chilly weather slows down the growth and vital functions preventing the tribe members to grow up as fast as other Tomakers do.

Means of living
Yxja tribe is specialized in producing fresh water from the glaciers. Water stored in glaciers is melted with red-hot lava brought from the land's volcanic areas and is then piped in huge aqueducts made of stone to the rest of the Tomaker land to be used by other tribes.

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