About Tribe Nelja
Tomaker tribe Nelja is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It lives simple but inspiring life in the hays as well as underground. Their down-to-earth coloring provides excellent camouflage protecting them against any enemies.

Nelja KolonDry steppes and desert savannas provide excellent living environment for the Nelja tribe. Growing grass here and there outstandingly hides the holes dug in the ground. The Neljas live underground in long and winding tunnels that connect other communities together. Tribe members can travel extremely long distances underground in case of danger.

Ways of living
The weather out in steppes does not change much during the year. Only a rain season lasting for couple of months breaks the dry period. Right after rain the Neljas reap the harvest, which grows rapidly. Berries and other vegetation on the steppes belong to their nutriment. Fish and game delivered by Yxja and Seitja tribes supplement the nutrition of Neljas.

Tribe members
Nelja NolonThe Neljas are closely related to tribe Kaxja. Each tribe member fills four years in a row each birthday, which is not exceptional among Tomakers. When the Kaxjas are getting two years older each time the Nelja tribe grows double that time, that is four years.

Means of living
Tribe is almost fully self-sufficient despite of the meager food on the savannas. They supply other Tomakers with sand from deserts, which is used as building material. This sand is very fine aggregate in the construction site in cities.

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