About Tribe Seitja
Tomaker tribe Seitja is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It is the woodland tribe living in the huge woods of the Tomaker World. Seitjas live traditional life of a lumberjack. They provide the Tomakers all the timber they need.

Seitja KuusonThe woods of Tomaker land are populated by the Seitja tribe. Wide leaf-tree and primeval forests of the mild part of the land are the most ideal places to live for the Seitjas. They live in buildings made of wood and logs that blend with the surrounding environment. These huts are usually built up in the crowns of the trees.

Ways of living
The Seitjas get everything they need from the forests. They eat berries, swamps, green plants, and game they hunt. There's enough food in the forests for even other Tomakers. Some of the tribe members live near the rivers fishing, but Seitjas do not usually leave their living environment.

Tribe members
Seitja NolonThe tribe lives quite independently. They do not have related tribes like Kaxjas and Neljas, that are closely related to each other. A new-born Seitja will be seven years old right after having born. On each birthday he's growing seven more years.

Means of living
All the lumber needed by Tomakers is originated from the woods of Seitjas. This tribe has talented loggers and carpenters, which can be seen on their durable and steady wooden buildings. The Seitjas are excellent salesmen like Viisjas, and is one of the largest tribes.

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