About Tribe Kaxja
Tomaker tribe Kaxja is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It is very old tribe and has been living for thousands of years. Kaxjas live quite isolated life. Their green coloring blends excellently with the jungles they are living in.

Kaxja SeitonThe Kaxja tribe inhabits the rainforests and jungles. The eccentric dwelling places of this tribe are built high up in the crowns of trees. These are excellent places to watch what's going on below. The environment is humid and warm all around the year except the rain season during couple of months.

Ways of living
The principal nutriment of Kaxja tribe is all kinds of jungle fruit, peanuts, and grouse as well as other small mammals. Only those Kaxjas living by the Long River live also by fishing. Kaxjas who live deeper in the jungle usually does not risk adventuring to the river, although nothing threatens them there.

Tribe members
Kaxja NolonThe Kaxjas born from Nolon egg and they'll be two years old right after having born. From now on they will get two more years each birthday. On the second birthday they will be four years old. This special way of growing is very typical to Tomakers. It's very easy to calculate the age of a Kaxja, as it's always multiplied by two.

Means of living
Apart from other Tomakers, the Kaxjas usually live isolated in their environment. They do not have any special means of living, they live mostly self-supporting by gathering and hunting for their food.

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