About Tribe Kasija
Tomaker tribe Kasija is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It is the farming tribe. Kasijas rule the vast farmland that surrounds the Tomaker cities. Their excellent skills help they farm the lands all around the year.

Kasija YxonThe Kasija tribe is the regent of the Tomaker farmland. Wide fields are very typical scenery in the environment of Kasijas. Fields out of sight produce huge harvest to be dealt with other Tomakers. Kasijas live in large communities and they build their houses and manors with the material produced by the Seitjas and Koljas.

Ways of living
Cultivation and cattle-breeding as well as dairy farming produces most of the food that Tomakers need. This nutriment is accomplished with fish from Yxja and Ysija tribes and the food of woods of Seitjas. The Kasijas have domestic animals, like we humans do. They produce dairy products, meat and other food supplies. Kasijas have spread all over the Tomaker land, so they can harvest almost all year around.

Tribe members
Kasija NolonKaxjas, Neljas, and Kuusjas are related to Kasijas, as well as Kybijas. The common nominator for all these tribes is number two. The age of the tribe member can always be divided or multiplied by two. A Kasija member is already eight years old when he is born. The tribe is one of the biggest in Tomaker land.

Means of living
Kasijas are farmers. They live in the surrounding areas of the Tomaker cities run by the Viisjas. As a very large tribe they have all the labor they need on their fields. They refine their production and deals it out to other Tomakers.

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