About Tribe Kolja
Tomaker tribe Kolja is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It is very skilled tribe mastering stone as their building material. Koljas gray coloring blends well their rocky environment they are living in.

Kolja ViisonRocky mountain areas are the living environment of the Kolja tribe. Like Kuusjas also Koljas live in caves they have excavated in the hillsides. Only few Tomakers can get around on the mountains as fluently as Koljas, except its allied tribe Kuusja.

Ways of living
The mountains are low in nutrients and not much grow up in the hills, except lichen here and there. The Koljas make long journeys down by the rivers every fall. They gather food and supplies in their storage for the winter. The tribe usually eats fruit, vegetables and fish. Fishing is one of their ways of living almost year around. Sometime they hunt for game in the woods lower in the valleys.

Tribe members
Kolja NolonThe Kolja tribe is closely related to Kuusja and Ysija tribes. Each tribe member grows three years on every birthday, much like Kuusjas grow six years in a row. The Ysija tribe is only a bit less related to Kolja, as they always get nine years on each birthday, Anyway, all these ages are multiplied by three. The egg of Koljas is called as Kolja Nolon.

Means of living
Koljas produce building material from the rock and stones. Magnificent stone slabs and building blocks are carried to cities of Viisjas. Great columns and flagstone pavements decorate the giant cities of Tomakers. All these boulders and stones come from quarries of Koljas.

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