About Tribe Viisja
Tomaker tribe Viisja is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It is the administrative tribe governing the large Tomaker World together with other tribes. Viisjas live sophisticated and modern cities built with materials delivered by all tribes.

Viisja KaxonThe Viisjas are the only tribe living in cities. Many of these cities have been built on high places or around river delta. Magnificent administration buildings, squares, piazzas and other public space are open for all Tomakers. These cities are built using the material supplied by other tribes.

Ways of living
Most of the food the Viisja tribe needs is supplied by other Tomakers. Small, cultivated areas surround the cities but the Kasija and Kybija tribes own the main farmland. These tribes usually live near cities so transporting food is easier. The energy needed in cities is produced with the volcanic steam generators of Kuusja tribe.

Tribe members
Viisja NolonSince the math of Tomakers is based on the decimal number system, same as ours, the age of a Viisja is easy to determine. Each member gets five more years on every birthday and the age always ends to five or zero.

Means of living
The administrative services of Tomakers are run by Viisjas. Some of these tasks are, for example, the judicial system, education, and health care as well as all other services Tomakers need. Many of Viisjas are in service occupation, like transporting, secondary production and entertaining industry.

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