About Tomakers
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The Tomaker Cards
Tomaker CardsThe Tomaker World is built around one hundred Tomaker cards. The idea of these cards is to teach math and other subjects to children ages 7 to 12 years. Tomakers teach especially multiplication tables with the exciting and fun way. The cards are divided into ten different tribes, that represent multiplication tables from one to ten. Each tribe has ten members. These make altogether one hundred cards with unique multiplication exercise with answers in each.

The Tomaker Card Game
Tomaker card gameThe Tomaker Card Game is an essential part of the Tomaker learning method with these cards. Each multiplication table has its specific color, which helps the child to associate the table with the tribe. The name of the tribe tells the name of the multiplication table, for example the Viisja tribe teaches the multiplication table of number five.

Children learn fast the characters of the cards and associate the tribe and color to the multiplication exercise on the card. The name of the character tells the number to multiply with, for example a character called Kolon is number three. So the character Viisja Kolon teaches that five multiplied by three makes fifteen.

The Tomaker Story
The exciting and adventurous stories of the Tomakers keep up the interest of the children. The basic idea of these stories is to provide easy calculation exercises to solve in order to continue the story. By repeating the knowledge already learned the child uses his knowledge to get on with the story. The life of the Tomakers in the wilderness reminds the child of the importance of our nature.

The Tomakers and The Society
The Tomakers do not comment any political, religious, or ideological questions in human society. They aim to teach the children sustainable development telling how the Tomakers live in the nature with its limits and terms. They also aim to teach humanity, ecology, and philanthropy.

Copyright Information
The name "Tomaker" and other related names, slogans, and characters presented on this site are copyrighted by Pentapol. All creatures are imagination and their connections to live persons, names, objects, true events, and other characters are fully coincidental and not intentionally mentioned here.

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