About Tribe Kuusja
Tomaker tribe Kuusja is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It lives dangerous but interesting life surrounded by volcanoes and lava streams. Despite of their hot environment they are fully adapted to volcanic lifestyle.

Kuusja NelonThere are also volcanic areas in the world of Tomakers. Among these volcanoes and streams of lava lives the brave Kuusja tribe. Earthquakes are not unusual but they do not bother the life of Kuusjas. Although the lava streams are unpredictable and dangerous, the history knows not a single accident, that would have faced the tribe Kuusja or its members.

Ways of living
Volcanic areas are very fertile and the tribe gets all the food they need from their own farms. The tribe works in close cooperation with Yxjas and gets fish and other seafood. Kuusjas live in cave apartments they have excavated in the mountains. The caves are very safe when there are volcanic eruptions and boiling hot streams of lava running down the hillside.

Tribe members
Kuusja NolonA member of Kuusja tribe gets old quite fast. He's six years old on his first birthday. This typical way of getting old can be noticed very well among Kuusjas as they always get six more years each birthday. So, a Kuusja will be twelve years old on his second birthday and so on.

Means of living
Part of the energy needed by Tomakers is generated with steam generators. Water from the northern glaciers and seas is heated with steam produces with hot lava. This steam runs the generators and produces energy.

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