About Tribe Ysija
Tomaker tribe Ysija is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It is the most fascinating tribe because of their way of living underwater. Ysijas are well adapted to their humid environment. Their deep blue coloring blends well with the deep blue seas.

Ysija NelonApart from other Tomakers the Ysija tribe lives underwater close to sea shores. The exceptional dwellings resemble diving bells. The oxygen is produced with large algae fields. Algae need sunlight, so the tribe lives near the surface. The bubble houses are cast of liquid glass and formed to dome-shaped roofs.

Ways of living
No one knows why the Ysijas live this way. They may have conquered the seas because of the long dry era back in ancient history or the hard cold ice age. Despite of their unique underwater lifestyle they can manage extremely well on the ground as well. In fact, they do not live like fish under their domes. Their life is much like the one on the ground.

Tribe members
Ysija NolonThe Ysija tribe is related to Koljas and Kuusjas. They have number three in their ages as the common nominator. All their ages can be divided by three. For example, the youngest member of the Ysija tribe is Ysija Yxon and he's nine years old. This age can be divided by three resulting in six and three, which are the ages of the young ones in Koljas and Kuusjas.

Means of living
Fishing and planting algae are the main means of living of the tribe Ysija. Selling fish is natural business of this tribe. Another important business is making fresh water from the salty sea water. This is done by evaporating water in the large pools by the coasts.

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