About Tribe Kybija
Tomaker tribe Kybija is one of the ten Tomaker tribes. It is the gardening tribe producing all kinds of fruits, vegetable, and flowers. Kybijas are hard-working and happy with their life in the gardens. Their blooming coloring blends well with the vegetation.

Kybija KolonThe Kybija tribe feels at home in the countryside. They grow fruits and vegetable in their gardens. The tribe lives in the close neighborhood of Kasijas in the surrounding areas of the cities. Kybijas and Kasijas help each other in the harvest time.

Ways of living
Unlike the Kasija tribe, which usually lives in manors, the Kybija tribe lives more modest in simple houses made of wood and stone. Despite of their greenhouses and garden the tribe members are not vegetarians. They eat fish and game as well as various dairy products. The Kybijas visit cities more often than the Kasijas. The tribe sells fruit and vegetables on the many square markets.

Tribe members
Kybija NolonThe Kybijas is the biggest tribe of all Tomakers. The members grow old very fast. Even the ten-years-old new-born is older than many members of the other tribes. For example, Kybija Yxon is as old as Yxja Kybion. The most famous Tomaker is Kybija Kybion. He is exactly one hundred years old.

Means of living
Vegetables and fruits from the gardens and greenhouses are the most important products of the Kybijas. These products accomplish well the food produced by other tribes, such as fish, dairy products, game and farming.

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