The Tomaker Story
No one does exactly know the history of Tomakers. One knows that it is thousands of years old, and the tribes have not changed much during these years. Ten most well known and biggest tribes have risen in dominant position perhaps due to that we have ten fingers in our hands which have been used for summing up amounts. Mathematically talented Tomakers can all the nuances of math already when they are born. Only short after birth of these ten biggest Tomaker tribes a small Nolja tribe was born.

Birth and growing up
Eggs of KybijasAll Tomakers come into being from an egg. The Tomaker egg is called as Nolon. For example, an unhatched egg of Yxja tribe is called as Yxja Nolon. After having hatched out an individual Tomaker will immediately be one or more years old. So, a newborn of Kuusja tribe will be called as Yxon and he'll be six years old right after having hatched out. The first-born of Kybija tribe is called Kybion and he's ten years old, respectively. From now on each Tomaker grows up quite rapidly, apart from Yxja tribe whose members are growing one year after one like we human beings do. The Kybija tribe grows up the fastest way with its ten years birthdays in a row.

Environment, ways of living and livelihood
The Tomakers have spread all over their world. They can be found up in mountains, deep in oceans, deserts, jungles, and woods and even cities. They represent many ways of life. Some of them live on the terms of nature, while others have settled in cities or communities they have built. The Tomakers have numbers of ways of living, such as fishing, hunting, farming and countless number of professions in service industry. The diet of Tomakers is omnivorous.

The Tomaker MottoAll tribes live harmoniously with other tribes and they help each other all possible ways. Almost every tribe has some unique way of living to produce necessities to other tribes. That's why Tomakers have the following motto: "Those who have, they give and those who need, they get". This motto excellently describes the philosophy of Tomakers: those who have all enough they will give those who are short of something. For example, wealthy Kasijas and Kybijas give part of their harvest to other tribes, and Koljas and Neljas give their products respectively.

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